Graphic Designs
This section contains a variety of graphics ranging from licenseware to Blade Pro® presets. Please read my terms of use carefully before using or licensing any of these graphics.

Linkware Showcase. Free for a link for personal use as long as the set appears in this spotlight. A new set will take its place periodically.Linkware
Licenseware These sets can be licensed for non-exclusive use for either personal or commercial sites.
Graphics for purchase only. They include specialty sets and sets suitable for business use. Commercial Designs
Backgrounds Look here for a variety of seamless backgrounds. The collection includes numerous tiles and textures.
Can't get enough of Blade Pro® presets? Then feel free to download as many as you like. Blade Pro Presets
Buttons Buttons galore-You'll find something just right for your Online guitar tuner using microphone. homepage. Remember, I can customize any button for a minimal fee.

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